People and Gods in Self-Cognitive World Cogniversum

Cogniversum, the Self-Cognitive Universe, a natural consequence of the theory of "open individualism" and holism.
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Open individualism (English. Open individualism ; abbr. from open view of the individual identity of the person ) - view in philosophy according to which there is only one self-identity of the subject, which is all, and which belong to all bodies of humans and all independent streams of consciousness. Open individualism requires a different from the usual Newtonian understanding of the nature of time - eternalism . Phenomenological interpretation of open individualism is that I (as a single entity) always "find themselves" in a variety of conscious human bodies (all without exception) at different times. Refer to Wikipedia ...

Indeed, if we are all one person, then this megaperson part of a larger, natural sensible system.

Then what is the role of man in the intelligent world, Cogniversum? King if he nature and the crown of creation? Or just a doll, which plays World of his ideas - self-examination? World - theater people - actors, and our lives - the game ...

Or people just created just for luzl? Want to laugh World - tell him your plans? But then why the freedom of choice?

Of course, you can not come up with an answer to such a global issue. But you can ask the World. And if you look at where the world is pushing a person may notice some interesting things.
Living systems evolve much faster than the non-living. And the speed of human development surpasses the rate of evolution of the living world. They can then draw the conclusion that the man - is an actor, agent "quick change" to the world.
Additionally, a person can do fast (on the time scale of the Universe ) is sufficiently subtle and complex things, to create new substances and simple system. Then we can assume that people - agents "thin" changing the world, creating things that can not be done by a volcanic eruption or a meteorite and that long to do evolutionary overkill.
And probably the most important thing. If you look at the history of things created by man and systems, then there will be increasing their intelligence, "cleverness". From the simplest machines (traps for animals, controls the flow of water), people moved on to more complex and self-regulating mechanisms, culminating in computers and communications networks. Already we see the integration of intelligence in any gadget. It can be concluded that the person - the agent increase the cleverness of the world.
Then the maxim of human development - involvement in the sphere of Intellect all objects animate and inanimate nature. Perhaps they already have all the necessary "interfaces" to this and they need to competently use. Man - a tool of self-knowledge of the universe, in which the purpose and meaning of its appearance. Playing with people, for people to people world knows himself.

Preceding millennia of human history in one way or another connected with the gods.

Who, what part of the Intelligent World, we can assume, are the gods? Сogniversum, being post-science and post-religion considers gods as historically the way people communicate with World.

Apparently, many thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago, people found themselves with the ability to ask for nature, peace about something and have requested: on the hunt game fatter will fall, there will be more tasty roots. Following this, people have realized that if the whole tribe will ask the World that one thing is the same, at the same time, the effect of prayer will be higher, the probability of obtaining the desired more.

Gradually developed the idea of ​​"representatives" of the tribe, who were asked to "put in a good word for the tribe" to Nature, Peace. Seems logical here and "specialization" representatives - hunting, fishing, forest products, thunder, wind, and so on. D. "Office of communion" with "representatives" were engaged, of course, the priests, gradually specializing in this activity and pushing her from the rest. Selected in the priests of the most sensitive children, have the ability to communicate with Nature, Peace.

It is possible that the most outstanding and brilliant of the priests, took on a level of communication with the world, that their requests are always, they themselves became incarnate "representatives", "holy", "heroes", pre-gods.
priests understand their benefits and become way to position their "representatives" as the only possible way to communicate with the world. A real find for them was the idea of the rise of "representatives" and delete them on the high mountains. Transmission of requests and interpretation of World Peace is the answer, directed by "representatives" in a natural way, provided the priests.

So there were gods. The idea of monotheism emerges from this natural and logical. Indeed, why should "produce the essence" and become spread control of the prayers? Monotheism allowed priests to create a church-related organizations, which have become, in fact, the mega-corporations processing prayers.
Becoming such "queuing" appeals to the World, the priestly community is inevitably faced with improvements in productivity and a reduction in the flow of time to perform a single request. To solve this problem, the idea of "unification of requirements" - techniques have been developed to communicate with "representatives" saints, gods - religion. Appeal to the human world - the prayer, religion formats and closes on a particular "representative" - a god or saint.

Of course, as always, unification, and the introduction of a new level of house - only God could not but affect the quality of the fulfillment of dreams.

And, like any hierarchical corporation, church organizations, rather than to improve themselves, to shift the problem onto the shoulders of "consumers". Since then, the request "up" or just transferred from the people to strictly implement the "rules of the church corporation" - "pious parishioners" or surcharge. Of course, as in any business, for an additional fee you can "ask the World" to any request. unreliable impious people access to the grace received.

Even a cursory look at the economy of the church shows that the profitability of this business is over a ten thousand percent. And the church corporation fiercely fought competition - as with other faiths (religious war), and with "private consultants" - sorcerers, shamans - anyone who tried to break the monopoly on the "transfer of desires." For them, and people seeking their services was invented "Gehenna" hell.

But wait! Branch desires of man from their performance - whether it is the foundation of the modern economy? Were not those the most primitive priests first moneylenders? In fact, after the exclusion of people the ability to communicate with the world they will inevitably become accumulate "tithe" - the proportion of hunting, gathering and fishing. Meat products inevitably spoil quickly, but interesting skins, shells, stones - it was quite thorough "attachment means." And now the church - the richest and largest organization of landowners ... And is not there due? ..

We live in difficult times, when the prevailing management systems on the planet went to the limit of its complexity. And just to continue the development of humanity without catastrophe, we need to qualitatively change the relationship between people and the world. The solution may be something that everyone will regain, will develop a long-forgotten ability to speak to the world directly, without the mediation of the gods and their deputies on the ground.